1st Blogiversary + General Update

Today is two things at once. First, it's my week early 1st year blogiversary post (I will soon explain why), and also a general update with what's going on with my blog, where I'm at right now in terms of blogging, and all the little bits in between. 
So expect plenty of positivity, thank yous and birthday-ish GIFs in this one.
Because it's good to be happy and pleased with one's efforts!

Thinking about the fact that I've been doing this blog for a whole year is kind of leaving me with stunned surprise. 
For one, it hasn't been easy in keeping a habit of doing it every Wednesday. 
So I say thanks to you all, counting my 3 followers, those on Twitter, whoever passed by and commented on my blog, 
and everyone else who gave me encouragement and support on the way. 
The same goes to my friends and family, also!

As for the general update, it all mostly goes down to the future of my blog. 
But don't worry; this doesn't mean I plan to be done with it any time soon.…

Book Review: Natural Causes By James Oswald

So as I am going away this week, I've decided to post this a couple of days early.
 And since I've been on a reading spree, this is going to be a book review. 
Yes, I know, I didn't also do a film one in ages either, even though I saw Infinity War not that long ago. 
But after some thoughts, I felt that writing on that would have pretty much been the same as everyone's else consensus. 
That being, it was really awesome! Maybe I will when I see it again, but considering how busy this summer will be, it might not happen. This also means there will be a few Wednesdays, next month in particular, in which I may be unable to post anything. 
Because summer is here, and summer means camps and going outdoors. 
Until then, I'll try to keep you all informed and updated within the coming weeks. Now moving on.....

Published in 2012, Natural Causes is a detective mystery novel written by James Oswald, the first of a mystery series set in Scotland with a mix of modern crime and the supe…

7 Tips On Writing Interesting & Clever Exposition

If there is one thing that most writers want to not have in their #WIP's (Writing In Progress), or at least only up to 25% in their story, is exposition. Even bringing the word into a writer's conversation brings a form of terror.  
Because the last thing you and me want is to try and explain the plot, the characters and setting in a certain scene, only to find our audience start to drool like a dog and find their eyes half closed. But don't panic, though. I have been there too, and trust me, I still haven't quite figured it out myself what makes great exposition. But even then, here are a few little ideas:

Be creative.
One thing that can be the reason exposition is so tricky is because, for readers, it reminds them of large piles of endless paperwork. 
Or for younger ones, like those still in school, it's like the equivalent of homework. 
So as a writer, you have the skill and talent to make interesting and beautiful sentences. 
If your exposition feels too formal or bo…

Why Pushing An Agenda Is Dangerous To Your Story

The world we live in now is always on the move; with the moral, social, and cultural standards once established in our distant past being constantly rechecked, analyzed and updated to match up with the more accepting and more, if not fully, peaceful, surroundings of today. Change like this is one many can be confident about; while others, on the other hand, wouldn't be so much. 
If anything, it's what people nowadays call a hot topic. So before I continue this post, I want to make it clear that this is not going to be some heated debate talking about the complications of our current political and social climate. It's just a simple discussion on what happens when you add something that's clearly meant to hint at a current world problem, but doesn't fit at all into the narrative. 
And it's also a blog post written by a still developing person who's still hasn't understood everything in life. 
Except my terribly thought out self-awareness. So don't expect…

A Look At The Underrated: Rango (2011)

I'll admit; film was one of those artistic interests that came a little later in my life than writing did. Mostly because I had no idea of the technical ability and multiple tricks involved in comparison to just writing the scenes of a story with a pen, or typing them up on a laptop. But since I later learned that both mediums are greatly linked together and interconnected in completely similar and varied ways, it's only made my love for stories and my fascination for film only more greater. 
However, some great films, from the past and present, haven't quite gained enough praise or recognition as they should. 
So today, I've started a themed post series based  specifically on them. And the first underrated film today is one I've mentioned before (though to be fair, there will be a lot in this series I've quoted previously in other posts.) And that movie is Rango.

So Rango is a Paramount/Nickelodeon movie that came out in the spring of 2011, which did pretty well …

Soundtracks For Writing Inspiration Playlist 2: Immersive & Epic Scenes

Since music is an inspiration for many, it's also a great place for motivation. Think of some of your favorite writing tracks, and if anything, it would usually be from the lines of sci-fi or fantasy. And while there are some great YouTube channels with such sounds out there, such as Pandora, or artists like Two Steps From Hell and Brunuhville, we're here to talk about some of the most iconic, and not so iconic soundtracks that were intense, adventurously action packed, and just one word: epic. Of course, like my previous one, there will be a few you may not know, all of which in no specific order. And since some of these belong to movies series, I'll either place a few or even all together as one. If my post will fit them all, that is, which it probably won't. Oh well, at least I tried. And here they are:

1. Batman Begins (Also partly used in The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises)

 Composer: Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard
  Example Tracks: EptesicusMolossus

The Scam Of Jilliahsmen Trinity: How To Not Fail As A New Book

I've been thinking about this topic for a long time, pretty much since the end of last month.
The most of you here who read my blog will probably have no idea what the heck I'm about to go into. 
I would even go as far as saying 99.9% of the world's population doesn't even know it exists.
But it has been plaguing me and my thoughts for awhile, and I've decided to not only show how bad this goes in terms of what it was trying to do, but also to show the few simple errors any new writer, particular self-publishing writers, can try to avoid. 
And this is coming from somebody who hasn't even gotten into the theory of publishing their own book yet. 
So yeah, let's analyse this well, because it goes deep.......

For those of you who are still wondering, there is, supposedly, a book series called Jilliahsmen Trinity, written by an unknown person called Jilliah. If those first two names left you with waving red flags, then congratulations, because that's only just the…