My Books Of 2019 From Worst, Decent, To Best (A Subjective Opinion)

Happy Belated New Year! The decade of 2010's have ended, and a new one has begun. 2020 will hopefully be an interesting and successful time for many writers (including myself). And what better way to start the year but with the ranking of what I read in 2019! However, because so much was happening I'd been preoccupied with, that there were some books I was unable to complete or just couldn't get into because it was too much to digest at the time (or just couldn't enjoy). This means 2019's will not be a big ranking unlike the previous year. So let's begin:

The Worst

#18: The Gunslinger by Stephen King
To clarify, this is the first book I've EVER read from King, and I'm not joking about that fact. So although The Gunslinger was not a good introduction for me to his work, I'm not going to judge entirely off one piece.
That said, for the first installment of an apparently popular series, it takes forever to get anywhere interesting.
Not only was it such a bo…

Top 4 YouTube Music Channels For Writing Inspiration

Hey again. It's been awhile.

So one of my recent series (of sorts) was lists on soundtracks/scores for writing inspiration, each for different scenes. But there are other scores as well that exist, which can be either easy to find on Spotify, iTunes - whichever music platform you use - or they do not seem to exist at all on your search recommendations that scrolling through the web is the only option left. And worse, your search could take forever just to find it...

But do not fear yet! For on YouTube there are music channels that do just that, posting of them a compilations of different tracks by a variety of artists, either well known or independent, which makes unknown tracks in particular much easier to discoverfor writing are some of my top choices:


This one is the most orchestral based, with scores titled and categorised as either Most Epic, Most Beautiful, Most Emotional, and Most Wondrous BattleMusic. With those sections you could whichever music works be…

My Return Q&A/Update (Sort Of)

Most of you are probably wondering about me and where I've been, so here's why:

Question 1:  What were you doing for the past two months?
Two main things took up my schedule at the time: college with writing short film scripts for assignments (or some thousand word essays), and cleaning which is sort of my part time job, mainly during weekends. This, and the fact I've had some factors involving changing up familiar areas with certain stuff sort of stressed me out that I was quite tired by the end of a lot of days.

Question 2: How's your writing progress?
Outside of screenwriting, my debut novel is still under revision. Having gotten feedback from two beta readers (if you're both reading this, many thanks again for doing so!), I'm going through the third and maybe final draft of edits unless I think it needs one more fix. I plan to maybe start pitching it to editors/publishers, etc but it's a bit challenging given my current circumstance with finding time to do …

My Favourite Movies For Each Season + Tag

So I'd planned to do a blog post yesterday which would have either been the Q&A or this, but due to the craziness and a recent college project I've had to do, (which was originally a group thing but shifted into just an individual one meaning more catch up on homework), it had to be delayed. I still plan to write my Q&A -don't worry, it's still coming - but will wait until next week starting into November. And given this is half term and a holiday, I've decided to make a tag post again! That way, I'm keeping short and sweet:

Main Rules: 

4 Movies, 4 Seasons,

Give Reasons For Each,

& Tag 4 Bloggers!

(Note: It can be a film series,etc if with a similar tone or story that matches a certain season, and the same goes to ones referencing or set during holidays. TV Shows don't count as I plan to do one on those in the near future!)

Spring - Sense & Sensibility (1995)

Where I live, it rains - a lot - and a fair amount appears in this. xD 

But really, it wor…

Film Review: Joker (2019)

At first glance, I wasn't so sure about seeing Joker. Not so much because of the "controversy" that came after the trailer's release (which was just bored journalists screaming for attention over a movie they probably didn't see beforehand), but whether it would be really boring or too dark for my taste. Over time though, I got more interested once I started hearing good things about it. And on Tuesday, I went...

Movie Title: Joker Release Date: 4th October 2019 (UK Date)
Director: Todd Philips
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazi Beetz, Frances Conroy, Brett Cullen, Glenn Fleshler, Bill Camp, Shea Whigham & Marc Maron
While living in the darker areas of Gotham City, Arthur Fleck tires to make ends meet for himself and his mother by working as a clown, but also with the dream to one day become a stand-up comedian. However, life has not been kind to Arthur, 
and what starts as a simple defence against cruelty and rejection pull him into a downward spiral …

A Look At The Underrated: The Prince Of Egypt (1998)

After having a stumbling block with ideas for blogging, hence the gap of silence these last few weeks, I now finally have one. But before I start, here's a couple of updates that might interest you (if I get into a writer's block again, though hopefully not!) 

1. I now have a Letterboxd account, where you can see my lists of movies and reviews with extended thoughts on here.

2. I'm also doing a drawing month challenge on Instagram (mainly to keep my creative juices flowing), if you want to check out my sketches, etc

With that out of the way, you may continue!

The Prince of Egypt is a DreamWorks animated film released in December of 1998, which the first musical and 2D animated one that they made. While it barely grossed over $200 million over a $70 million budget, it was critically acclaimed and won Best Original Song at the Academy Awards, among other nominations such as Best Musical or Comedy.

And for a simple synopsis, it's the story of Moses from the Bible.


Indie-Book Review: Sounds Of Deceit By Hannah Heath (The Terebinth Tree Chronicles #3)

So this has come a lot later than I'd planned. And that's due to the fact I've also now got a summer job (and by that I mean one I've been on and off for the past year), which I really should have mentioned in my last update, dang it. But aside from that, I've also had homework too... But I have also managed to read a new indie book, and what did I think?

Sounds of Deceit is the third instalment to Hannah Heath's Terebinth Tree Chronicle short stories, and was released on June 30th last month (check out my reviews on the other two here and here!) 

Synopsis: Death and destruction.Those are the consequences of being a magician under Elgar's rule. Ailith once thought that she could be the exception, but now she sees that her skillset only brings about pain, even upon those she tends to protect. Convinced that there is only one solution, Ailith buries herself in obscurity and turns her back on the warrior life.

It's a simple decision at first, but one that gro…