Another 3 Ways To Visualize Your Story's Setting & Characters

I don't know how far I'm going to go with this sequel, especially if it's just similar talking points all over again.
But I'm trying anyway, so let's see where it ends up...

This week I stumbled upon a free site for laptop wallpapers, and as you might guess, I was scrolling through discovering - and downloading - a lot of them! And it got me thinking of other ways to be and remain inspired with one's story for a long period of time.

1. Use simple images to spark inspiration.
By images I mean anything you can find or grasp within reach that can be in your sights while you write. Whether a literal picture or photo hanging on your wall or table, or a laptop/computer wallpaper, they can be basic mental triggers to remind the imaginative side of your brain to get active once again. Or it'll just turn out as an irritating monkey yapping with so little to do:

2. Create playlists of different sounds.
I've discussed about writing playlists before many times, to the po…

Summer Update & Goals For The Future

To start this particular opening, I begin with a spark of honesty: Right now, I feel so tired and weary. Whether it's from everything I've done or have been doing, or everything else around me just stretching me out to a thin pulp, I don't know really. I guess it's a bit of everything all at once. I say these things to stress that what I say I might be doing in this post may not happen or be achieved as instantly as intended. 

So bear that in mind as I introduce these ideas:

I was also going to post this last week, but motivating myself to do this was hard. Mainly caused by the factors already mentioned above (though the ever-changing weather from sunny to gloomy didn't help my energy levels either) but I digress. Let's see where this goes:

1st Goal: Introduce a membership subscription.
Here I'm thinking of getting either a Patreon or Subscribe Star (if one doesn't quite work out as well for me). The main idea is to do graphic illustrations, both concept ar…

A Look At The Underrated: Batman Begins (2005)

Honestly, I'm frustrated with myself.
Two months ago in March, I said on my Twitter account that I would be more regular with activity, from blog posts to social media stuff. But then things went wrong not far into lockdown. With my Instagram and Twitter phone apps crashing (Twitter temporarily and Instagram uncertain), as well as constant reminders to finish my other work that I'd either neglected or had to do as soon as possible, my plans pretty much went down the drain. Outside of one book review that is. Now it's the first week of June, and only now have I completed it all.
Even though I didn't promise it - since I couldn't be sure at the time anyway- it was still something I hoped to achieve but failed in doing so. This was going to be a post on just that, but I'm not going to waste my time by lengthening it and go all weepy about it. It's my fault for putting too much on myself lately, and I take full responsibility. Now with that said, let's head i…

Book Review: Dune By Frank Herbert

Remember in my first post in January, where I said 2020 would be an interesting year?...well, this was the last event I was expecting...

As of three weeks past, my country has gone into national lockdown, or quarantine, as ordered by the government. This is all caused by a certain virus called COVID-19/Coronavirus, (that I will be nicknaming the Beer Bug in this review - cause Lord knows humour's needed much these days) which has become a worldwide pandemic. Meaning everyone, young or old, has to stay indoors 90% of the time. And while it didn't affect my normal routine by much - outside of not attending college and only going outdoors beyond my house for shopping or a leisurely exercise like a walk - it did give me the opportunity (and reminder) to finish a book I'd been starting to read just a month prior.

That book was Dune. Which I have a lot of thoughts about...

Written by Frank Herbert and originally published in 1965, Dune is the first book of the Dune Saga, that many …

3 Tips On Creating An Engaging Series: How Long Should It Be?

Like with my post on writing interesting and clever exposition, this was also inspired from another crappy book I just read. Surprisingly, it was part of the same series I'd started with the previous post I mentioned before , which was definitely no coincidence. 
Anyway, after finishing that torturous read (at least for me), it got me thinking about the idea of long book series's, the conflicts that keeps its audience engaged and the themes or concepts that enhance the experience in between. As someone who is currently revising the first of a her own debut series, and hopes to do more like it in the future, there's a lot that goes into planning it and connecting nearly all the threads together - as I'm sure many writers reading this already know. But one part that doesn't get a lot of discussion is the length or number of books covering what the writer wants to achieve.

Now there are two different type of series to consider:

- the episodic type which are separate stor…

My Books Of 2019 From Worst, Decent, To Best (A Subjective Opinion)

Happy Belated New Year! The decade of 2010's have ended, and a new one has begun. 2020 will hopefully be an interesting and successful time for many writers (including myself). And what better way to start the year but with the ranking of what I read in 2019! However, because so much was happening I'd been preoccupied with, that there were some books I was unable to complete or just couldn't get into because it was too much to digest at the time (or just couldn't enjoy). This means 2019's will not be a big ranking unlike the previous year. So let's begin:

The Worst

#18: The Gunslinger by Stephen King
To clarify, this is the first book I've EVER read from King, and I'm not joking about that fact. So although The Gunslinger was not a good introduction for me to his work, I'm not going to judge entirely off one piece.
That said, for the first installment of an apparently popular series, it takes forever to get anywhere interesting.
Not only was it such a bo…