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Making A True Story Become A Story: Watching Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

So in my brief life, I have watched a various amount of films, which have included a bunch of classics (mostly musicals), millennial family-films (which hold cringe and toilet humor), and some from one of my favorite genre, the grand epic adventure movies. The size and escapade of them were a big childhood awe to me, and in many ways, still are. But then one gloomy day, roughly about two months ago, I decided to take a break from surfing the Internet out of boredom and watch a classic for a change. 
That classic was 1962's Lawrence of Arabia.

Three hours and thirty-six minutes later, you could say I was pretty much blown away by what I'd just seen.
For one, I'd now figured out why so many people, including the great names of Spielberg, Lucas and Scorsese, have praised and even been inspired from it. This was nothing like other films that had come out at its time; it was a huge risk taken by David Lean, the director, who clearly had the big dream stuck in his head to the point…

Shelves and Covers: The Types of Books You'll Find in Libraries

Libraries are the cornerstone to the creative world, the places where vital, important information is placed for all to see and find. 
But their most iconic symbol we think of about libraries is, of course, books!
As someone who's been in and out of them many times as well as even volunteering at one, I think an insight into each shelf will come in handy for a newbie writer who's looking for a book to read and learn from as a form of research. 
And yeah, this is also just to have a bit of fun. :)

No.1: The How To's
Here we first look at the resourceful kind. Think of the "For Dummies" series, language learning, or even just a guide on learning how to paint or cooking the right kind of dessert. These are not always the most noticeable ones, and aren't perhaps taken off the shelf by readers as often as fiction. But that isn't to say you might find some handy advice or knowledge that might lead you somewhere. 
Maybe even a book on writing, perhaps.

No.2: Women'…

Expanded Universes and How Far We Should Go With Them

This weekend across the world, we got the news that Star Wars was getting another all-new trilogy, this time without any people with the surname Skywalker and to be set in an unknown part of the Galaxy Far, Far, Away. Like the rest, I was rather ecstatic by the idea of a different story being taken place in a colorful world of characters we all know and love. But then a little later when all excitementdied down and was being processed, I had a time to wonder for myself: What did I really think? Did it sound as good as cracked up to be? Or is it in fact a badly made decision? I guess we won't know for sure until that trilogy begins, but I can say that this is the perfect time to talk about:

Expanded universes have become a huge part of our recent modern culture, especially the commonly known cinematic universe
And they are EVERYWHERE, in the form of books, movies, tv shows, video games, comics, toys, costumes, wigs, logos, makeup, and thousands of others that shall remain unnamed.

The Writer's "When You Learn More About Me" Questionnaire (+ Tag)

Well guys, I am back! And don't worry, that little brief pause of respite has passed and I'm fine. So today I've written out a little questionnaire that I was meant to post as my second for Duo Posts Day last week, but unfortunately that didn't get out. But now it's here and about to get interesting: Also this is a tag post so look out for your names near the end. :D

Q1: What was the first story you remember writing?

Well, that's a tricky question, as I think I've done quite a few pretty much since I was introduced to pencils and learned to draw. And of course, stories in general. But the first one I believe I first wrote at least in type form was this Wind In The Willows inspired piece I just randomly did one day. It was basically fan-fiction; it had the characters and the setting in tow. The only difference was I'd imagined the story to involve some bad guys who invade the happy dwelling in some way. In the end I didn't finish it along with many oth…

Important Update For 01/11/2017

Hey all, thanks for following my blog are reading my posts. I hope you're really enjoying them. Usually on the first Wednesday of every month I do a Duo Posts day, which involves me doing two posts instead of one. Unfortunately, for this particular Wednesday, I am unable to do a second post. So for those out there who were expecting one, I'm really sorry about that. 
You see, I've had a very busy previous month with lots of stuff going on that I'm involved in, as well as daily life to juggle with as well. Near the end of October, I was crashed out and really tired. While I have been able to do the usual blog post, writing and so forth, this particular time has been hard to deal with. But don't worry. I plan to post the one I was supposed to do this day hopefully later this week. If not, you'll see it next Wednesday. I've also decided to do update the blog by adding some certain changes and tweaks to make this better. So for anyone's who's noticed, th…

The Journey Of Writing A Novel: The Map

Today is the start of November, and oh boy, does it already bring you in fast! For one thing, I began writing my novel for NaNoWriMo along with many others, pretty much blind-folded with unfortunately not a lot of planning and probably getting mad at myself for it later. And of course, furthering the countdown to to of my long-awaited released pieces of entertainment; that being the final of The Rebel of the Sands book trilogy known as Hero at the Fall. And of course, the freaking Star Wars Episode VIII everyone's asking questions and freaking on about! With myself being one of them.

But whether you are doing a big event like this for your writing or not, and maybe just simply resting by your cozy fireplace wrapped up in your warm blanket waiting for ideas, I think it'll be good for newbies to get a rough idea of the journey, if you will, of what happens or what to expect when you begin a novel. Or in this case, a map. So let's jump right in then, shall we? 

In order to mak…