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A Guest Post By Esther Lowery: Editing and Revision Tips

Guest posts are awesome. You get to take a little break from writing if life has caught up with you on one occasion, and your friendly bloggers not only help you out a little on ideas, but you end up spreading the word by having them on your blog. It's a win-win situation that's fun to do when you can. So I've plucked up the courage to try out my very first guest post, and just so you know, it might be a little messy. But then again, first times always are. Now, where's that intro? (searches through my endless documents) Ah here it is....

This is Esther Lowery, a young writer like myself and good friend of mine. She also has her own blog called To Write Or Not To Write, which I recommend checking out for plenty of sarcasm, thoughts on her own writing and so much more! Along with that, Esther is currently at work with her own science fiction novel Asteria, so look out for posts on her progress or showing samples of her WIP status. This post will be on editing and revisio…

Three Tips On 1st Person Point Of View

Last week I read and reviewed a book called Chasing The Stars that had 1st person point of view, with two main characters taking the lead and sharing that POV throughout. But to my disappointment, it didn't quite succeed in this area. If you want to know more about my thoughts on this, just click here to see for yourself. So why do I want to talk about 1st Person POV? Mainly because I have noticed that it's a pretty popular viewpoint enjoyed by readers, especially for its focus on one person and that one person alone
Not only is 1st Person an easy way to learn a personality, and relate to his/her problems and side with that main character on those motivations, but it also brings a deeply strong connection to both the real and the imagined as they go on that journey. So I feel that writers take this as a golden opportunity which is why there are so many books now that are in that one Point of View. The truth, however, is that while it may have an advantage here, it also has ma…

Book Review: Chasing The Stars By Malorie Blackman

This was a little something that I'd planned to announce earlier this month; that being part of my plan to add more to this blog for 2018. But of course I was unable to do so, though that's not too be worried on too much.
So like many who blog specifically on writing and its various aspects of literature, I find it necessary to add my own thoughts on books I read in my free time. I am a crazy bookworm who does try her best to find anything that catches my eye when I do, after all. 
Of course it matters! Anyway, today I have decided to review a particular book I read over the last week. And one that I think really needs an extra look at. For good reasons.

Since I plan to do more in the future, I have created a special rating system, in which both plot, characters, setting and originality get their own ratings as the main parts of a general story structure. The added ratings will then come to a final verdict; it's a little rough, I know, but that's how it will more or less …

Important Update for 03/01/2018: About the Duo Post Thing.....

Remember that particular post very similar to this one that I put up about two months ago? Well, I have to say that it happened again. 
So I just want to mention that while I think will the Duo Posts Day come in handy when the timing is right, it's not a routine I currently can't one-hundred percent commit to. If you want to know more into why, look at the previous one here. Since I'm unable to explain much at the moment.
But at the moment, it's not working. I hope you're not too disappointed.
It's just been a very tight schedule recently. So until hopefully the near future, I might do one again. But sadly, not right now. I'll release the second post next week. See you then!

Three Tips To Know When Encountering Writer's Block

Writing, especially for writers, is our lifeblood, as we of course all know. We want to do it every day, from when we wake up early in the morning to when we fall asleep late at night, and continue to write until the end of time. At least, our time anyway. Now I could tell you right here, right now that there is indeed a masterful Genie out there who knows all the secrets into making this happen, but sadly, I don't. :( In the end, that's only wishful-thinking, and something writers should already know never works to get what we want. We have to struggle like everyone else around us to survive, and there will be moments once in awhile where the creative sides of our brain may crash out temporarily and demand a Full On Internal Repair by droids and robots. 

There is still hope, though. So leaving the intro, I will now begin in the few bits of tips I have from personal experience on the great matter we all know of as writer's block.

Just to add a quite note, these tips have pro…