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How To Word Your Book Titles The Right Way And Why

Book titles are the seal of the writing contract; they're what summarizes our story in a nutshell of words, whether it be one or twenty. 
Yet over the course of two decades, with some names being repeated multiple times or new ones being birthed, it's kind of hard to tell whether people remember book titles or just the book's content itself. Unless, you know, there was a good reason for them to forget because the books they read were....forgettable. (face-palms for bad joke). Ultimately, book titles are important and need to both introduce your work as well as re-enhance the story in some way. 

You see, I read a Star Wars novel awhile back named Kenobi which was a really good read considering the story and what it was going for. The only downside? Well, the title was a little misleading since Obi-Wan wasn't actually a character in that had his own POV. 
He was still involved, mind, but not in the way others as well as myself were expecting. So in that area of speaking, I …

Book Review: Children of Time By Adrian Tchaikovsky

So originally I'd planned to review this much earlier when I still had it in my hands, but unfortunately took the decision not to before re-thinking my options. But thanks to the web I've got back most of my memory of what actually happens and what I thought. And this time round I've found something really I have much to talk about.

Children of Time was published in 2015, gaining the Arthur C.Clarke Award for Best Science Fiction Novel in the process, and during last year had the film rights bought by Lionsgate for a future adaptation.
Written by Adrian Tchaikovsky, the book is a sci-fi dystopian set in an uncertain future involving terraforming earths, insane scientists and creepy enlarged animals. But the main summary of this alone is the best to give you an idea of how investing the story is:

The last remnants of the human race left a dying Earth, desperate to find a new home among the stars. Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, they discover the …

The "Book Habit and Currently Reading" Questionnaire (+ Tag)

Hey, everyone! Remember those Q&A tags I used to do awhile back when starting in this blog? Well, while this may be perhaps mostly out of sheer necessity, I've decided to do another one again. Mainly for how interactive they are and that it's a lot of fun when you're quite bored, but anyways.... So as a writer and part of that largely odd, quirky (but have to be) community who sits alone in their houses taking notes while brainstorming, we are expected to read aplenty as well. Same goes for any bookworms or book bloggers as well, if you're out there reading this too. And that's where this Q&A comes in......

Note:I originally planned to write in my own answers in this Q&A like in previous ones, but this time round my mind is refusing to do much today and so I have little choice but to stay out of it this time. I know, it's so annoying and so sad, but there's my brain for you. :(

Q1: What books do you remember reading that kick-started your bookworm…

The Fundamental Strengths & Flaws of TV Shows

TV shows come down to three things: 
a.) they are basically over two-hour long movies.
b.) they have so many plots, subplots and backstory/setting that are somehow all inter-connected or not at all.
And c.) may be either with the same production as movies or just able to have only a few pieces of painted cardboard stuck together to make a simple background. But that always depends. 
And with some TV shows becoming popular as their film counterparts and cable companies like Netflix, HBO and even Sky TV having the insane idea to create their own studios to even make them, TV is still up its game and staying on top as everything else in the entertainment area of things. But this isn't about the recent jabber about the shows. Instead this post will be looking into what makes a tv show succeed in the long run, but at the same time what can also be a danger to that success. 
How and in what way is a matter of bringing it down to a short list.....

1. The Plot.

Strength: One of the great positiv…