The "Book Habit and Currently Reading" Questionnaire (+ Tag)

Hey, everyone! Remember those Q&A tags I used to do awhile back when starting in this blog? Well, while this may be perhaps mostly out of sheer necessity, I've decided to do another one again. Mainly for how interactive they are and that it's a lot of fun when you're quite bored, but anyways.... So as a writer and part of that largely odd, quirky (but have to be) community who sits alone in their houses taking notes while brainstorming, we are expected to read aplenty as well. Same goes for any bookworms or book bloggers as well, if you're out there reading this too. And that's where this Q&A comes in......

Note:I originally planned to write in my own answers in this Q&A like in previous ones, but this time round my mind is refusing to do much today and so I have little choice but to stay out of it this time. I know, it's so annoying and so sad, but there's my brain for you. :(

Q1: What books do you remember reading that kick-started your bookworm habit?

Q2: What genre, or genres, would you normally choose? 

Q3: Do you eat while you read and if yes, what exactly?

Q4: Are there any scenes from your favorite novels that you remember vividly?

Q5: Were there any least favorites?

Q6: So, as you're a bookworm, what are you reading currently today? (Optional)

Q7: How's it getting along for you? (Optional)

Q8: Have you then got a large bookshelf, or do you plan to?

Q9: Do you have a liking to indie or traditional books?

Q10: And lastly, do you plan to promote reading in some way, or already are?

And that's my Q&A! Now onward to the tags!

Miranda Kulig @Miranda_kulig

Cait II CG Drews (Paper Fury) @PaperFury

Melissa Gravitis @melissagravitis

Cayre @Cayre_Art

Meowmocha @Meowmocha12

And that's my post for this Wednesday; write in the comments and share this post for 
anyone who wants to do this too, and follow back for more Q&A's! :D


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