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The Case Of Style Over Substance: Watching Batman (1989)

So I watched the Batman Movie from 1989. And...yeah, it's a puzzle for me. 
You could say this is a cross between a review and my usual movie analysis with the title in play. And to make it less vague, the term I place ("Watching movie title and date here")  is also there to films I've specifically may have heard of but never actually seen before. Because in all honesty, I'm the sort of film buff who is still a bit of newbie. In that he/she has the information equivalent to a Wikipedia page.... but doesn't always bother to check allthese films out. (Gulps) I know, shame on me for calling myself that, but there was a time when I thought I'd wouldn't see many films in my later years because of a busy life or doing other things, so take that with what you will. 
But after hearing so much praise and good comments on the film, with many saying to have started to bring superhero films to a gritter level, I decided to give it a shot. But instead of leaving me …

My Answers To The "Book Habit and Currently Reading" Questionnaire (+ Tag)

Hello again, and yes, you're already asking me why I've decided to post this outside my usual schedule.
Well, since I wasn't able to write my own answers to the Q&A at the time, I think it's a little unfair that I haven't actually done it properly, partly because back then I didn't feel ready enough nor had the energy to really do it.
Along with the fact that the tag is actually my most viewed post is also partly the reason, which I have to say I was and still am really blown by the fact it went that high. But, to make it clear, I am not doing it just for views or popularity, but to also have some fun and let you know more about me. So let's get right into this!

Q1: What books do you remember reading that kick-started your bookworm habit?
As a kid, I was raised with books, and reading was a daily thing I remember doing a lot. A little later in my childhood, my grandparents used to send me and my siblings quite a few books. Most of them were adventure novels…

Why I Want To See More Desert - Based Stories And How To Do It Right

I confess, I have a special place for desert stories somewhere in my heart. Maybe it's the fact that it involves dunes of sand (though not so much in the way Anakin Skywalker would put it.) Maybe the Arabian/African/Asian folklore and the myths and legends are part of the reason. But mostly, I think, it's because deserts are meant to be these hot, dry places where little to nothing survives, and only a few people choose to live there. Yet somehow, in the middle of it all, life is there, hidden in the last place anyone would look. Okay, I'm paraphrasing a bit here. But there is indeed potential in desert settings, in basically any form of entertainment. Then why exactly, for some strange reason, not many have taken its advantage?

Now, hear me out. Yes, there are novels, films, and maybe tv series that use the desert as the main setting of their conflicts. If anything, the world of the sands do make appearances in other works as well. But when I'm talking specifically of …

Should Writers Write Fan-Fiction?

So, if you've seen the title, you know you're probably going to get a real personal talk on fan-fiction. And as a writer who has experienced writing a form of fan-fiction myself, I think if no one brings this subject from a constructive writing perspective, the more it will be left unanswered. And I'm not just talking about the adult side of the word. 
(Which to those of you who were and still are confused, no, I haven't nor do I write that aged 18+ bad fan-fiction you's find on the web. 'Cause that's a waste of brain cells and just acting silly over fandom for the wrong reasons. All clear on that? Good. Now moving on....) 
Basically, a lot of people can be pretty confused over what the term really is, and whether it still even applies to any form of writing at all.
For the most part, though, most people see it as evil and place it among the many recent signs of an oncoming epidemic. But is that really the case? Well, sit down and get comfortable. This is goin…