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A Look At The Underrated: The Chronicles of Narnia Movies...So Far

So after my brief week away fighting zombies and getting red all over me (I'm just kidding, this is a reference only a few will get), I have come back with a lot to say. Well, okay, maybe not a lot. But today the topic is one I've wanted to discuss for ages. 
As quoted by Eustace Scrubb, "for reasons beyond my comprehension", pretty much everybody has forgotten these movies even exist. Now of course there's been the news of The Silver Chair reboot with plans to come out by 2020, but when it comes to its predecessors, not many have brought it up. And when one has, it's not always been spoken of too kindly. 

So, before we begin, I'm going to make two things very clear to those here, whether you are familiar with the world and stories of Narnia or not. First off, I understand why most fans don't like the movies; they are quite different from its source material in tone and I get why most would've not been pleased. Especially considering this came no le…

1st Blogiversary + General Update

Today is two things at once. First, it's my week early 1st year blogiversary post (I will soon explain why), and also a general update with what's going on with my blog, where I'm at right now in terms of blogging, and all the little bits in between. 
So expect plenty of positivity, thank yous and birthday-ish GIFs in this one.
Because it's good to be happy and pleased with one's efforts!

Thinking about the fact that I've been doing this blog for a whole year is kind of leaving me with stunned surprise. 
For one, it hasn't been easy in keeping a habit of doing it every Wednesday. 
So I say thanks to you all, counting my 3 followers, those on Twitter, whoever passed by and commented on my blog, 
and everyone else who gave me encouragement and support on the way. 
The same goes to my friends and family, also!

As for the general update, it all mostly goes down to the future of my blog. 
But don't worry; this doesn't mean I plan to be done with it any time soon.…