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Indie-Book Review: Child Of The Kaites By Beth Wangler (The Firstborn's Legacy #1)

Reading on a laptop can take a bit of getting into, especially when it's a 300 page novel. But thankfully I managed, and now here's my second indie-book review: 

Child of the Kaites
 is the first of a new series named The Firsborn Legacy, and written by Beth Wangler. She has also done previous short stories which are part of the series 
(The Weaver's Blessing; The Kangraffs' Curse; & Noemi's Dragon) Inspired from Biblical stories, it is an Exodus retelling combined with various fantasty elements (ex. set in a different world)

Synopsis: Her parents named her "Cursed", for that's what her people are: trapped in brutal slavery, toiling under the Izyphorn sun, forced to watch their infants die. The kaites gave her a new name: Raiballeon, Leader of a Revolt." At ten, Rai thought that meant she would lead Maraiah to freedom. 
Eighteen-year old Rai knows differently. As an exile hiding her heritage, Rai has resigned herself to a quiet life recording the …

The Get To Know Me Tag (Writer's Edition)

I had a post idea up for today, but my brain has temporarily ran out of battery in terms of finding a lot of words to write here. So I did this tag instead:

(Also, the font messed up during the writing process so a different size was used. Again.)

The rules:
1. Link back to the person who created the tag. (Savannah Grace
2. Thank the person who tagged you. (I got mine from Hallie Jenkins)
3. Tag eleven bloggers (Consider yourself tagged if you want to do this.)

Vital Status & Appearance:

(Pen)Name: I'd usually stick with my own, though using a pen-name is a possibility.

Nicknames: Usually it ranges from Deb, Debbie or Deborah. Also the word Zebra pops up sometimes as well.  
(Best not to use that one, though, if you meet me in person.)

Birthday: February 28, 2002. Good thing it wasn't leap year that time, or I would've found it hard to remember when it comes along.

Hair color & length: Very dark brown, although I've heard claims there's a little red in there also. 

Indie-Book Review: Colors of Fear By Hannah Heath (The Terebinth Tree Chronicles #1)

I got to read it, and I have a lot to say:

Yeah, doing an intro wasn't on my mind for this post. Because I already mentioned that doing reviews on indie books would start this month, so everyone here already knows. Now I will share my thoughts:

Colors of Fear is a short story, written by one of my favorite bloggers Hannah Heath, and is the first of a collection called The Terebinth Chronicles. They are a prequel to her Christian YA fantasy novel, The Stump of The Terebinth Tree, which is yet to be published. 

Synopsis: Fear. It is all around him. Wanderer sees it in the eyes of his fellow desert elves as they set out to fight a war that consumes countless lives. Hears it in his brother's coughs as black magic slowly kills him. Feels it as strange colors appear in midair, seeking to suffocate him. No matter how he twists it, he can only see two choices: Leave his sick brother and join a war where he will…

Special Blog Announcement 2018: Indie - Book Reviews

July has just ended, and the new month has begun. So while I'm still in the stage of doing a bit of a makeover to my blog space, I've decided to have this post be a special announcement. Because what better way to start a new month? For it's the beginning of autumn and I want to start with a little dance of happiness!... 

...Before I cry and realize it's also soon to be a new term of homework, and also exams. (internal weeping) But all jokes aside, here's where the fun starts: 

So what's this all about? Well, I've decided to add a special post roughly in the middle of the month, which will focus on me reviewing a book written by an indie author I know or have heard so much about. Why indie books, you ask?  Because two reasons: First, I've never actually read many indie books, partly because, like a lot of people, I didn't think indie-fiction as a place where classics of the ages would be born in. But since I've connected and heard much praise from in…