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The 6 Pitfalls In Writing A Prequel & Why

Last week was the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald, the sequel to Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them and a continuation of the new prequel series based on one of the biggest franchises of the 21st century, Harry Potter
Or, The Wizarding World, according to the updated title. And while I myself didn't go to see it, since college life and other big priorities took up my time, I did hear of friends going to see it themselves. And from what I heard, it was a meh, along with all the bad reviews that came in, and the backlash which followed. With such a development occurring not just now, but also in the past, and 2018 being a mostly crappy year of movies, it makes perfect sense to bring the subject up, here and now. This will of course focus on prequel films in particular, though prequel books exist also, so this can go out to both mediums. And sequels too:

#1:Some ideas are not entirely necessary, or could contradict the later stories.
One of the main reaso…

Soundtracks For Writing Inspiration Playlist 3: Calm & Peaceful Scenes

For those who didn't get the update on Twitter, I was unfortunately unable to do last week, after having a busy day doing the usual studies and so on. And it is because of this that I also bring a bit of bad news; that being, there will be no indie-book reviews this month. 
I know, I know, I am just as disappointed in myself too ('cause I can be) but due to other, more important projects taking up my time, and money required for it, I'm not quite there to get more books on my shelf just yet. But don't panic. 
I do plan to start again next month when the holidays come along, so not too long to wait! In the mean time, here is another playlist I've made for your writerly inspirations: this time on calm and peaceful scenes. Enjoy!

1. The Northerner Diaries (Original Fantasy Score)

Composer: Jeremy Soule

Example Tracks: Njol; DraumrHiminbjorg; Utanlands

2. Stranger Things Seasons 1 -2 (TV Show Score) 

Composer: Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein 

Example Tracks: Kids; Eleven; Eulog…

My Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Movies Tag

For every great movie that is near to perfection, there's also that movie you may like which no one else does.
Sometimes it's the ones with negative opinions (which is the usual case), or those that got positive reception but then later everyone changed their minds and said, "Okay, this actually kind of sucks." or "Eh, it's fine."
However, while most of these criticisms can be accurate, that isn't to say some find a form of enjoyment out of such movies, and also having those opinions in mind. So, in no particular order, here are my Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Movies! 
Plus tagging five others (which you can do also)!

Also, remember these are guilty pleasure movies, not personal greatest films of all time. 
So don't take it too much to heart.

1. Nim's Island (2008)

You've probably never heard of this movie, but it came out just over ten years ago and kind of went forgotten after it's release, despite having some big name actors playing the main ro…