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I had originally wanted to do a Part 2 to the pitfalls on writing prequels (though it'll be on sequels next time), when the great Tumnus herself, S.M.Metzler, tagged me for the Most Likely Things tag involving my characters. The original tag was created by Phoebe from her blog So It Is Written, if you're interested to check it out. And the cast of characters I'm using today are from my main WIP; the first novel of the Guardians of Aeron series The Ordis Jewel, which is still in its revision stage. So here we go!


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Most Likely To Become A Poet
Fillamor, hands down. For one, he's an elf, so grand prose and rhyming poetic lines are popular when it comes to their stories and poems. Not to mention doing some over dramatic reflections about himself or on certain things at times. At this point, he would probably join the theater if he came across one.

Most Likely To Dance In The Rain
Probably Eva or Lillian, if they were in a good mood and the weather was hot and dry.

Most Likely To Look Good In A Kilt
Braden, I guess, kind of....not really sure on that one.
Image result for unsure gif

Most Likely To Get Punched In The Face 
Cade, the bully and show off of Ben-bullen village.  

*spoiler alert* 
That's kind of what happens.... xD

Most Likely To Drop Everything And Become A Sheep Herder
Maybe the dwarf Hane or his cousin Baurus, though he would probably need an extra hand to help out with keeping them in the same field. And trying to have a farm in general.

Most Likely To Be Found In A Library
I think Allie, because of her avid curiosity and interest in new knowledge due to her isolated upbringing. 
And the obvious fact that books are the best!

Most Likely To Steal Food From Other Peoples' Plates
Mugs, Hane's brother and a prankster who could probably take someone's snack by distracting them.

Most Likely To Cheat On A Test
Maldion, since magic and trickery are his most evil talents. Mwhahaha!
                                        Image result for palpatine gif

Most Likely To Say Oops After Setting Something On Fire
Eva. During her early training to improve her powers as a Guardian, this would be the likely scenario:

Most Likely To Run Off With The Circus
Obviously Grady, since living with travelers who do their job that require illusions and stunts would interest him a lot. And it's more likely he'd get on with them a lot more than his current job at the Griffin Inn.

Most Likely To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse
Miokel. As the protector and adopted brother of the group, he has been trained over the years by the rebels in  the forest, so his skills in fighting and survival are quite advanced. Though he would pretty lonely if he went through such an event, and get a bit depressed. 
Like anyone would. Ask Shaun:
                                          Related image

Most Likely To Fake Their Own Death
Definitely Grady, for sure, due to possible boredom. Or even Mugs. 

Most Likely To Die And Haunt Their Friends
Also Grady; he'd easily scare them in their sleep or their enemies when in trouble. Depending on whatever powers he might get in Aeron's underworld. In fact, that idea of powers used by the dead in this world may not be a bad idea...

And that's my tag done. Now here are the next ones chosen:

Liv K. Fisher

Kyle Robert Shultz


Nate Philbrick

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