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Indie-Book Review: Antiheroes By Kyle Robert Shultz (A Phoenix Fiction Authors Anthology #1)

I've got a lot to explain about this: the reason I've kept this one off for the last - one - two months I think? 
The main one was trying to save up for equipment for college work and other stuff. And the other was my appetite for reading, if you will, was kind of low in terms of reading an e book along with all the other ones I had (and tried) to read under a deadline. 
But thankfully, under 24 hours, I managed to read the one I did get awhile back in preparation for a review. Since this is an anthology, my ratings and thoughts on each will be done a little differently than the other reviews, and will be done in order of each short story's appearance. And here it is:

Synopsis: Seven science fiction and fantasy stories about antiheroes:
- A man determined to get justice for his family, no matter the cost.
- A gynoid with two conflicting programming directives.
- A monster slayer who is not everything she appears to be.
- A young cyborg who makes an unthinkable choice in hopes of …

With Rising Tension & Awe: Watching Blade Runner (1982) & Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Originally I had planned to post this some months prior, but didn't quite manage to get around it for a variety of reasons. I've probably said this sentence maybe before over a hundred times on different forms, but there was more to that than just, you know, trying to bring words onto the page. It was really more of finding a way to explain two iconic and beautiful films without heading somewhere too familiar. 
Films that aren't popcorn flicks, or barely even action films at all. But rather steampunk or cyberpunk thrillers, and a special kind at that. 
So let's find out how sometimes the quiet moments bring the most out of a story when done with awe:

(Sorry about the font color; best I could find to match with the posters. )
I heard a lot about Blade Runner and how it literally created its own genre despite its flop, as well as Blade Runner 2049 which came out 35 years after, and also ironically flopped but became one of the considered best sequels of all time. 
Of course, …

When Trends Grow Stale: My Thoughts On Pixar's New Short Film

Like many out there who, at a young age (or even adults) were around during the mid 90's, early 2000's and early 2010's, I loved Pixar. And while I didn't see every film they made during that time, I was familiar with them and their iconic stories. Such favorites for me were Finding Nemo, Wall.E, Ratatouille, Brave, and UP.  
The same goes for their shorts they add with their main releases, like La Luna, Day & Night and Knick Knack.
They are brief, but are known for making many people grab tissues for their heart breaking moments, or just bring a charm, awe and innocent wonder we loved and connected to. However, things have very much changed since Pixar first began, with some feeling that spark of creativity and original ideas which made the film company so successful, is beginning to fade.
And now we have a newly released short that promises the welcoming of new ideas and new storytellers.
But while most don't seem to be as irritated or angry in response, I don…

Reflections #1: Where I'm At With Being A Blogger

With a lot of terrible options for a new post, cloudy weather and a tired soul, there's not really a lot of ideas I can conjure up in my bored mind. So, deciding to shake things up a little, I've created this: some honest thoughts about me, stuff I'm into, and where I am with them. 
Expect blunders and awkwardness along the way, and myself, too. 

When I first started blogging about 1 and a quarter years ago in the late summer of 2017, I was both excited and nervous. 
Having got into writing my debut novel (which just needs only one more serious edit, thank goodness) not long before, and also discovering other writers and their bloggers online, I couldn't wait to start my own platform in the community as well. 
There were many different reasons for doing so: living in a rural place with few who were writers (or were busy, like we all tend to be), had little going on during the weeks and months, or just wanting to ramble and chat on a blank page so I don't wander off int…