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Reflections #2: Where I'm At With Being A Writer

Writing was something I always wanted to do. Ever since I was little helping out my older sister making picture books, telling stories always fascinated me in one way or another. However, more recently, it's been harder to sit down and write even a few words of something and somehow get whisked into that creative spark which is my own. And so, here I ponder....

Most would say its distractions that are the culprit (and they probably are). Some would say stress and a busy schedule are another reason. And others may add that I may be taking on too much all at once. Either way, I haven't really gone far with writing much since completing my second draft of my novel.
Part of me is still stuck on that draft even though I'm just taking a break and letting my beta readers read it for now. Maybe because I'd worked on this story for so long and so tirelessly that it doesn't want to give up now.
Which is true, I don't want to give up on it. However, I don't want keep my …