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Chasing The Stars By Malorie Blackman

Children Of Time By Adrian Tchaikovsky

An Island Of Our Own By Sally Nicholls

Natural Causes By James Oswald

Railhead By Philip Reeve


       By Hannah Heath:

       Colors Of Fear (The Terebinth Tree Chronicles #1)
       Flames Of Courage (The Terebinth Tree Chronicles #2)

       Skies Of Dripping Gold (Short Story)

       By Beth Wangler:
       Child Of The Kaites (The Firstborn's Legacy #1)

       By E.B. Dawson:

       Out Of Darkness (The Creation Of Jack #1)

       By Nate Philbrick:

       Where The Woods Grow Wild (#1)
        By Kyle Robert Shultz:

       Antiheroes (A Phoenix Fiction Writers Anthology #1)

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The "Book Habit and Currently Reading" Questionnaire (+ Tag) (My Answers)

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